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The Adventures of Prince Achmed

The Spanish Dancer

Please enjoy a few demo samples of my compositions!



Have great lyrics or a melody, a hip hop track or a beat you want to explore? Bill Ware can take your concept and develop it into a complete demo recording.

Arranging / Orchestration

Bill Ware can arrange, orchestrate and score music for any size ensemble from small groups to full orchestra.


If you have recorded your own tracks and need help getting a finished mix that is ready for mastering, Bill Ware can help!

Recording / Production

Do your tracks need more production work to be complete? Bill Ware as an arranger, composer and engineer can help finish your project.

Bill Ware, Music Producer

Bill Ware is known around the world as a master vibraphonist, performing for decades with his own ensembles, as a founding member of The Jazz Passengers and Groove Collective, and on tour with Steely Dan from 1993 – 1995. He began producing music in his teens with a pair of cassette tape recorders and a Wollensak portable reel to reel tape recorder. Bill experimented with sound by overdubbing live, speeding up backing tracks and using voice to create effects. As he pursued a full-time career as a performance musician he also began working with and learning from experienced producers and engineers and eventually built his own studio. Over the years Bill has engineered hundreds of projects for his own music and for colleagues and clients.

For Bill, producing is a tool to realize his primary love: composing music, performing and leading ensembles. By age fifteen, he became the first student director of the Columbia High School jazz ensemble in Montclair, New Jersey, and led his first bands in band competitions. In college Bill studied composition with Ting Ho and Daniel Wertz at Montclair State University and studied jazz extensively at the Harlem Jazz Mobile Workshop. Bill has hundreds of compositions, including jazz works, symphonic classical works and several film scores. He composes for these mediums exclusively with his production studio tools. He is also known as an innovator with the use of electric pedal effects on the vibraphone, creating a unique and experimental sound with electronic effects.

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